Live Simple & Live Large

All-inclusive Work/Live Space for Dreamers – starting at $23/day


Work here

Chill here

Crash here

Take a shower

Take a doodoo (or not)

Get some laundry done

Drink some fancy water

MAke some coffee

...or tea, whatever

Slay some mo' work

Slay some trees

got a Paper cut?  here you go

Hungry? make a toast

...or make a feast


Do some light reading

...or some heavy shit

Ignore him...

Need some air?  Go for a ride!

Enjoy the view of historic town

It's pretty friendly (maybe weird) here

Bored?  Challenge yourself

(Does eating challenge count?)

Wanna try 100+ different root beers?

...or get some cultural experience?

Also we are next to DART Green line

Anyways, make yourself at home :D


We also have:

Wi-Fi (60MB/S), 24-hour monitoring 4-way security system with panic buttons in each room (not that you need it, but I think you would feel better with it, no?), lockbox, and wireless noise canceling headset


Live Simple & Live Large

Everything you need with no long term commitment, starting at $22/day